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Taste Buds

The Taste Buds app, a place to find and share recipes, was created for the final project of CodePath's  IOS Mobile App Development course.

November 2020 - December 2020


UI Designer


Wireframe and Mockup design, Asset Implementation

Census Learning Center welcome page on iMac

Project Overview

In the fall of 2020, I enrolled in a semester-long class through CodePath where I learned how to use Xcode and build IOS mobile apps. The final project of the class was to design and develop a mobile app that solved a problem, in our case finding something to make for meals. After brainstorming, my team and I came up with the idea to create a social recipe app where users could make a profile, publish and edit recipes, and discover new meals to eat. I designed the UI for the app and supported my developer by providing assets and specifications. On app deadline day, I presented Taste Buds to a group of panelists and the other teams in the class.

Census Learning Center welcome page before

App Design

The first items that started the design were the logo, fonts, and color palette. As we were creating a food and recipe-based app, I chose a playful sans-serif font that was readable, but also unique. With the logo, I put together the app name in the chosen font with a recipe book icon that featured a chef's hat. Furthermore, I picked red, white, and black for the color palette after reviewing restaurant websites and food delivery apps. Additionally, research has shown that red is eye-catching and triggers appetite within users. As we only had a couple of weeks to design and develop the app, we had to pick the main actions a user would perform and construct those. The actions were signing in/up, scrolling on the home page and viewing a recipe, creating a recipe, and accessing the discover and profile pages. The UI featured a light mode with red and black accents, along with large and vibrant food images.

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