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positano - october, 2023
Tristan sitting and smiling at restaurant table wearing a white polo shirt, with the Positano hill in the background
Holland beach - September, 2023
Tristan at Holland beach wearing a gray suit standing next to his partner who is wearing a pink dress with an orange sunset in the background
Wrigley Field - August, 2023
Group picture of Tristan with his friends with Wrigley Field in the background
Comerica park - july, 2023
Tristan and his friend standing next to Sevilla's 2023 Europa League Champions Trophy at Comerica Park
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Hello there! Thanks for visiting my portfolio, viewing my work, and learning more about who I am. Interested in working together? Get in touch via my contact form.

Who I am

I grew up near Ann Arbor, MI, and graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Experience Architecture, a degree that encompassed graphic, user experience, and web design. With five years of web design and development experience, I currently work as a web designer for eSkillz Corp. creating and developing digital experiences for learning management systems such as Cornerstone and Docebo. Additionally, I own a graphic and web design business called Fusion Form helping clients with custom websites, branded graphics and more.

In my time outside working, I enjoy watching Manchester United games, playing guitar, exploring new places (the most recent being Italy), trying unique restaurants, perfecting my espresso shots, and feeding lettuce to my two rabbits.

How I work

From experience both from college projects and client work, I have found that an iterative design process works the best for not only fully understanding a client’s vision but also creating a product that is user-centric. My web and UI projects follow an agile workflow and begin with a discovery phase, which unveils the problem that needs to be solved or required items. Next, a cycle of wire-framing and prototyping takes place to define the appearance of the digital experience.

I currently live and work remotely in Grand Rapids, MI, and have collaborated in over 50 design projects in my current role.

let's connect

Please fill out the form below or send me an email at thuyck3@gmail.com and I will get back to you soon.

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