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Pro Concrete Services

A brand identity was created for Pro Concrete Services, a residential concrete company based in Grand Rapids, MI. This consisted of a logo, website, business card, and yard sign design. Check out the site here.

2022 - Present


Graphic Designer, Web Designer & Developer


Consulting, Mock Ups, Webflow Configuration and Development, SEO, Domain Setup, Content Management

Multiple devices view of Pro Concrete Services home page

Project overview

The project started in spring 2022 by designing the company’s logo. Teaming up with graphic designer Wyatt Stonhouse, we produced a logo that truly resembles the identity of Pro Concrete Services. The client was passionate about including a key symbol of concrete work, the finishing trowel, in the logo which resulted in the company's name being presented in the finishing swipe of a trowel. Designing the website came next which was done in Figma, followed by developing it using Webflow. After the website was up and running, marketing items such as business cards and yard signs were produced.

 Pro Concrete Services home page on iPhone

Website Design

The client wanted a dark red used in the branding, as a result, it was paired with black and white to create a bold color palette. Additionally, the font Panton was chosen to be used in the logo, headers, and buttons as a powerful san-serif font to represent the company. Roboto is paired with Panton as the body font which adds a professional look to the website’s content.

Pro Concrete Services our services section on home pagePro Concrete Services reviews section on home page

Pro Concrete’s services and past projects needed to be fully displayed, as it would be content that potential customers would explore before submitting an estimate request. The solution was using image and text content cards for the services, and full image tiles for the projects which could be clicked on to enter a light-box of additional project images. Both of these methods show off the beautiful and professional work of the company.

Pro Concrete Services latest projects section on home pageAbout, form, and footer sections on Pro Concrete Services Home Page

Business Cards

front and back views of pro concrete services business card

Yard Signs

Pro Concrete Services Yard Sign