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paradise Mexican Restaurant

A website and business cards were created for Paradise Mexican Restaurant, a family-owned Mexican restaurant in Saline, MI. This consisted of incorporating an established logo into an online identity.

March 2019 - April 2019


Web Designer & Developer


Consulting, Wix Studio Configuration and Development, SEO, Domain Setup, Content Management

Macbook Pro laptop with Paradise Mexican Restaurant home page on screen

Project overview

The project started in March 2019 when the owners' of Paradise Mexican Restaurant opened their doors on the west side of Saline and needed a website to pair with the physical location. Since the restaurant's logo was already created and there was a short timeline, I consulted with the client and suggested the use of a Wix Studio template as it would be a quick development. After choosing the perfect template, I applied a color palette created from the colors in the logo, and the client provided images to the website. The final step was connecting the restaurant's domain, and designing business cards that the owners could disperse at their leisure.

Hand holding an iPhone with the Paradise Mexican Restaurant home page on screen

Website Design

The website is designed around both the bold and vibrant colors and imagery of the restaurant's logo and identity. The home page focuses on introducing the business to customers through brief about and menu sections which not only describe the history of the restaurant but showcase the quality of the food. The remainder of the page contains reviews, contact methods, and business information. The restaurant's menu is featured as a subpage, which breaks down the different menu items into categories with descriptions and prices.

Paradise Mexican Restaurant's home page

The Menu

Budda's Spot home

Business Cards

Paradise Mexican Restaurant's business cards