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Buddha's Spot

A website was created for Buddha's Spot, a taco food truck based in Grand Rapids, MI. This consisted of incorporating an established logo into an online identity.

May 2023 - July 2023


Web Designer & Developer


Consulting, Mock Ups, Webflow Configuration and Development, SEO, Domain Setup, Content Management

Multiple device mock up of Buddha's Spot website

Project overview

The project started in May of 2023 when Buddha's Spot needed a more professional online identity, as they were using Facebook to showcase their menu and business information. After discovering what was needed for the website, mockups were crafted using curated fonts and a color palette based on the logo and food truck of Buddha's Spot. Following some minor changes, the site was developed and set up to go live.

Buddha's Spot homepage iPhone device

Website Design

The website is broken down into five main sections which are the hero banner, menu, about, reviews, and contact us areas. Connecting the theme to Mexican foods like tacos, rice, and beans as well as Mexican culture overall, the site displays vibrant reds, oranges, and greens fully pulled together with black and white. A bold and powerful sans-serif is used for headers and buttons, while the body text font creates a perfect balance with the rest of the content. Two unique elements are the corners of the buttons which are unequal and using a tortilla chip in the "View Our Menu" button which add character to the Buddha's Spot brand.

Budda's Spot home