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Ashley's sweet treats

A brand identity was created for Ashley's Sweet Treats, a small sweets boutique based in Grand Rapids, MI. This consisted of a logo, website, and business card design.

January, 2021 - May, 2021


Graphic Designer, Web Designer & Developer


Consulting, Mock Ups, Webflow Configuration and Development, SEO, Domain Setup, Content Management

Ashley's Sweet Treats' homepage on iPad and iPhone devices

Project overview

The project started in January of 2021 by designing the logo for Ashley's Sweet Treats. Initially founded on the idea of serving quality cheesecakes to customers at a great price, a cheesecake illustration was paired with a handwritten and decorative font displayed in red which would serve as part of the company's brand identity. After establishing the logo, fonts, and color palette, the website was designed, developed, and connected to socials for ordering. Lastly, business cards were designed for the company to pack with orders and to use at pop-up shops.

Ashley's Sweet Treats' homepage iPhone device

Website Design

As the company sells sweet treats like cheesecakes, and chocolate-covered strawberries, a color palette of red, pink, white, and black was chosen to resemble those treats. Additionally, the curated fonts add a playful, but professional appearance to the website. There are four main parts of the company website which are the nav and hero banner, menu, ordering, and about. The menu section features new items at the top inside a clickable content slider that expands to show the active item.

Ashley's Sweet Treats' homeAshley's Sweet Treats' menuAshley's Sweet Treats' order, about, and footer sections

Business Cards

front and back views of Ashley's Sweet Treats' business card